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Old Caesarea Diving Center is the oldest Israeli diving center located along the Mediterranean coast, offering year-round diving services to fascinating sites, unlike any in the world. Old Caesarea Diving Center is situated in the midst of the Caesarea National Park, upon the ancient ruins of Herod’s sunken harbor, providing easy access to the unique underwater archeological park, which is the first and only of its kind in the world. As you enter the ancient city of Caesarea, you will find yourself in a captivating world abundant with ancient history and culture, all which is insignificant compared to what you will find underwater. Two thousand years ago King Herod the Great built the city of Caesarea, a major city in his kingdom, together with the magnificent harbor of Sebastos, the largest and most sophisticated harbor in the known world at the time. The sunken harbor is now a fascinating diving site.

Here, the first underwater archeological research in Israel took place, attracting since then many divers and archeologists from all over the world. In 2006 we restored the unique underwater park which was created in 1992 by the late Prof. Avner Raban in the site of the sunken harbor. The ancient breakwaters conserve two thousand years of underwater treasures, documented, marked, and accessible by the aid of roped trails and maps.

The park has four trails marked by ropes extending from one point of archeological interest to another. Each point of interest is numbered and marked by an underwater sign-post. Every diver is equipped with a water-proof map of the park which describes in detail each of the numbered sites along the way. The sunken harbor is also home to abundant Mediterranean flora and fauna.

With our help you can enjoy a fascinating underwater environment, plenty of archeology, clear waters and underwater life. Old Caesarea Diving Center provides you with new and well maintained diving equipment from the best manufacturers and easy access to our diving sites. Old Caesarea Diving Center provides assorted services both to certified SCUBA divers and to those without any underwater experience as well. We offer all levels of SCUBA diving courses, and have a well equipped dive shop. We are proud to maintain and apply rigorous safety standards in all areas, and emphasize on nature conservation, values that we pass on to our students and to certified divers as well. Old Caesarea Diving Center organizes guided dive tours and guided snorkel tours lead by experienced dive masters and instructors well versed in their knowledge of the history and archeology of the site.

At Old Caesarea Diving Center you can:
• Fill your tanks
• Rent complete SCUBA gear
• Take a refresh dive
• Take an introductory dive
• Take a guided dive tour
• Purchase diving insurance
• Get full maintenance for your diving gear

Old Caesarea Diving Center’s diving school is officially authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports. All courses take place in the underwater archeological park in the ancient harbor, in a warm friendly atmosphere with experienced instructors. Courses open every Sunday or Friday depending on the amount of students enrolled. Courses that open on Sundays are on a daily basis through-out the week. Courses that open on Fridays are on a weekly basis and take place over weekends.

Old Caesarea Diving Center’s fully equipped dive shop provides you with the best up to date quality diving gear from industry leaders such as TUSA, BEUCHAT and SEPA

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