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For certified divers.
Our well equipped rental section provides you with all the necessary gear to make your dive an enjoyable experience. You and your buddy can take a water proof map of the underwater archeological park, follow the marked trails and see the ruins of King Herodís magnificent harbor and sunken archeological artifacts amidst the Mediterranean marine life.

Price (full gear for the whole day): 150 NIS
Tank refill: 20 NIS

Please Note!
The Israeli Diving Law requires that all certified divers present their diving certification, and valid diving insurance.  Certified divers below Dive Master level are also required to present a diving log book with a stamped dive dated within the last 6 months. If 6 months have past since your last logged dive, you will be asked to participate in a Refresh Dive before diving in the park. International diving insurance (valid for a year) may be purchased at the diving center.

Execution of the dives depends on the sea condition.

Gear Rentals
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Gear Rental