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On track B the diver will encounter a group of six anchors (13), collected here by the excavators to represent the development of the anchor from ancient to modern times. The anchors were placed on the seafloor in the same way as they were originally designed to function.

I. A stone weight anchor
- a one-hole anchor typical of the Bronze Age (5,000-4,000 years ago). Usually, several such anchors were tied along the rope, the distance between them exceeding the depth of the water.

II. A composite stone anchor
- a triangular flat stone with three holes. The two lower ones held sticks that stuck in the ground. This type of anchor served from the Bronze Age to the end of the Middle Ages.

III. A composite wooden anchor
- the shaft and arms (reconstructed) were made of wood, while the stock and assembling piece are the original lead pieces. The flukes were metal sheathed. It is about 2,000 years old.

IV. An iron anchor – made of wrought iron, similar in shape to the composite wooden anchor. It dates to the Roman period.

V. A large grapnel anchor
– an iron anchor with four arms, typical of the medieval period. In use even today by small local boats.

VI. An admiralty anchor
– with a round stock and large teeth, in use since the nautical revival of the 14th century AD. It is hardly an improvement on the Roman anchor (IV).

The underwater visit of the Herodian harbour of Caesarea offers a unique experience, unparalleled elsewhere, in getting acquainted with the wonders of the art of harbour building in the ancient world.

*The numbers in brackets refer to points marked on the four tracks of the underwater cicuit. The detailed description of the tracks may be found in the local diving center
Writing: Sarah Arenson
Consulting: Yossi Turkaspa
Chris Brandon
Illustration: Sapir Haad
Editing: Micha Livneh

...A Roman all-metal a
...A stone weight anch
...A composite stone a
...A composite wooden
An iron anchor
...A large grapnel anc
...An admiralty anchor
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Underwater Archeological Park of Caesarea - The Anchors

Underwater Archeological Park Herod’s Submerged Port of Caesarea